Where the coolness is! – The Social Network

Finally, yesterday evening I watched “The Social Network”, the movie about Mark Zuckerberg and his marvelous invention that changed our lives forever. After the tenth birthday of the platform and all my friends that persistently pressured me to watch this “wonderful“, “breathtaking” and “epic” movie, there I was, in my warm bed, with a cold beer and my laptop. 

Maybe it was the fact that I didn’t have the subtitles, so I was kind of struggling trying to follow the fast dialogues semi-covered by the music, or maybe a fair amount of envy for young people that had success and money – I know that you feel it, too -, the fact is that I didn’t enjoy it so much as I was expecting. I didn’t read the book, actually I just discovered there is one – thank you Wikipedia! -, so I can’t make comparisons, but surely I won’t put this movie in the top 10 of my favorite ones.

All in all, I enjoyed so much the scene in which Mark and Eduardo met Sean – aka Justin Timberlake! – for the first time. It was so, so, so evident what Sean was doing: he was slowly weaving his web and rolling it around Mark, ready to pull and kill at the right moment. Charisma? Chutzpah? Confidence? – Lol, I realized that I just invented the rule of the three C to have success in the business world! I will keep it aside for another post 😉

I read someone one on Facebook praising the platform for making possible to be in contact with friends, to see their pictures, to know what they are doing during the day, and someone else complaining about it because too many people confuse it for their secret diary or pretend to miss famous people when they die. Personally, I mostly use Facebook to stalker people – do not judge, I know you do too 😉 – and to chat with them, but also to “share things everyone shares to assert my uniqueness“. I never liked it so much, I was one of the last of my friends to register and sometimes I still think about abandoning it – but then where should I waste my time when I don’t want to study? xD But finally, in the movie, I realized what is Facebook exactly. It’s a cool thing. Nothing less, nothing more. Everyone enjoys it because it’s cool, and it’s cool to be there, and everyone will think that you’re cool if you share your party pictures and show how wonderful and amazing is your life – not really – even though in reality you’re a poor nerd closed into your room desperately trying to attract attention of other cool people.

A channel, a fair cool channel. That’s Facebook. And that’s how we will use it forever. That’s why it is important to be on it, both for people and for organizations: because now, everything that is cool, is on Facebook. And we need to ride the wave. We can’t fall behind just because we do not like it. No one likes bureaucracy, but every public administration follows its ideals. Democracy does not appeal to everyone, but the majority of countries still thinks it’s the way all the world should works. They call it “evolution“, I call it “flow“. The flow of human society. We need to pander to it. We don’t know where it is going, so just keep follow it, waiting for the time in which you could drive it.

Connecting everyone everywhere -> that’s the coolness today.
Keep thinking about this. It’s cool. It’s flow. It’s future. 


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