Technology: from humans, for humans. [video]

We are slaves and nobody knows it. Or maybe, someone knows it and maybe even complain about it, but then nothing change, no one would listen. Pretending we are not. I’ll explain better. To be clear and state it, I’m not going against my first thought, that technologies are the future, but the real fact is that we are slaves of our own evolution.

The other evening I was sitting and drinking with a friend of mine and my mobile phone went down again. For the third time that day. Not that you need to be a genius to understand that it was a really bad purchase – I already knew it one day after I bought it thanks to my nerd friends, always updated to the really last new device, or software, or innovation, or whatever… Nerds, love them ❤ – but it was really frustrating to have to take off and put on again the battery. And then I realized. We are slaves of our technologies. We did it again, simply.

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with the philosophy of a man called Ludwig Feuerbach. Well, to resume shortly he was a German philosopher that theorized that God is none other than the idealized man. As human beings, we recognized that love, rationality and intelligence are our best qualities, then we project them into something else to worship them. Ultimately, God is the human being and religion is nothing else than a hymn to the human being itself (references). But, the consequences for such a process is that the human in this way lose his best qualities, and condemn himself to wander all his life looking for them, hoping to fill the vacuum inside him with religion, alcohol, drugs, love, work, just pretending to be happy. What a sad existence! He will always be hollow until he recognize his real power and reclaim again his qualities as his own.

This is exactly what happened today with technology. Nowadays, we are too focused about creating new machines, new devices, that we forgot what was the purpose when we first invented technology, like the lever, or the wheel. It was to help humans, to make their life easier, but above all to empower them to do things they couldn’t do alone – Empower, this is the key word for today 😀 – All this made me think about a TedTalk that I saw some days ago, about an Indian guy that decided to empower man instead of creating another device. He talked about the SixthSense Technology. Now, I know that this video is a bit old – 2009 – but it is really worth watching, as the majority of TedTalks. If you didn’t, take your time to listen to him. It’s really likely that SixthSense technology today is far far away from what it is explained in this short talk, but this should trigger your mind even more.

We need to reclaim our own power. Not the next device, but the next adjunct to human. Taking back the Deity already inside us.


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