Graduation – One year after…

It’s one year, today, 27th March, that I graduated from my Bachelor Degree in Communication Studies, and I guess that this deserves a whole post to celebrate it.

Looking back I cannot help but smiling. I still remember the deep emotions that I felt while I was standing in front of the commission, half drunk because of the red vine that my beloved friends provided me, in a red jacket that I haven’t worn anymore and in precarious balance on my loyal heels. I still feel the tears of relief, happiness and satisfaction going down my cheeks at the words “I proclaim you Doctor in Communication Studies with grade 110… cum laude”. The pause was essential. Damn professors xD And I still remember hugging my mum, both crying like babies, and the same professor saying that he could retract the laude, if it hurt so much.

One year after, I look back and I’m proud of the things I did. At that time, I would never image that after only 12 months I could find myself in a Scandinavian country, attending an international Master in Strategic PR and knowing a lot of fantastic and unique people. I could never image that I would travel so much, know so much, see so much, feel so much. And if I look at my future, everything is even more exiting. Sure, I still have to write my CV in English, decide where I would like to find an internship, contact the agencies, began to plan my thesis, etc. etc. A lot of stuff still to do. But I’m confident.


They say that if your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough. One year ago I had no idea of what to do with my life. I felt confused, lost, I didn’t have a path to follow as it was when I was studying. I began an internship almost without knowing what I was going into – that is the preparation to job that they give at Italian universities – and lived one month with my boyfriend. When I started to look for Masters abroad and then I went forward spending nights surfing the net, asking my professors and my boss reference letters, writing cover letters, I was almost done. I was losing hope, and I was began to think that maybe it would be easier – and better for my mental health – to stay in Italy, establishing myself near my family and take a rest. But my parents and my friends – even though with regret – encouraged me to find my way. Finally, I sent two applications: one in Sheffield – hometown of my favourite post-rock band, 65daysofstatics – and one to Stirling – not for the Scottish atmosphere, but for the Joint Programme they had with the cold and metal Sweden.

On the 5th August I received a positive answer from Stirling while I was at a traditional happy hour in Northern Italy. From then on, my life has changed. I got a short job for some months in the agency of my internship, I moved to Scotland with my then-boyfriend, I found an house there, some friends, I survived a dark period, the new courses and exams, and eventually I came back to my family for Christmas, ready for my next adventure that began with a 40-hour train journey across Europe only me and my harp. Two months and an half are passed and now I smile every morning that I look at the sea as I go to the university. And again, I cannot help but thank people that have supported me in this last year, for better or for worse, friends physically far but always near to my heart, people I don’t talk to anymore for different reasons, but still important to me. Old and new friends.

And I want to enlarge the dedication I made exactly one year ago on my thesis.

Thanks, my friends,
to having let me
“dream, aspire, risk”


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