The professional me

Studying - October 2013

Studying – Stirling, October 2013

Professionally speaking, here is a short abstract of my way in this field, for those too busy to read my CV.

I began a BA in Communication Studies at the University of Padova in 2010, leaving my family and my friends 900 km away in my beloved Salento. Those were really hard times, when I had to survive in the cold and strange Northen Italy, coming back only during holidays due to the 12 hours by train of distance. Tired and bored by the university life, in 2012 I enjoyed my Erasmus in Helsinki (Finland), trying to survive the cold thanks to sauna and smuggling alcohol among students. Back in Padova, I got through the post-Erasmus depression but managed to graduate in March 2013.

My first work experience was a luckily internship in an association, where I was in charge of press office and Social Media, paving the way to my first proper job as public relations manager of Stelle Sul Liston 2013. In the meanwhile, I was testing the waters for my next Master degree abroad, willing to escape the Italian reality. After some months of investigation I ended up in Scotland, precisely in Stirling, to begin my Master in Strategic Public Relations, a joint degree with the University of Lund. In addition, since simple things are definetly not for me, after four months in the land of the unicorn and kilts, I faced a journey of 40 hours by train through Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark and finally Sweden, to carry my celtic harp with me, landing in Helsingborg to continue my studies in PR.


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