Day 30 – #100happydays

Day 30 of #100happydays, and I feel like to make a STATEMENT.

When I began this challenge I was happy. I was already in a period of positive energies, and I didn’t think so much about joining this project. I just did it. I was just thinking it would be fun. At the beginning was a new wonderful discovery everyday. But as days go by, some of that positive energy was going down, as usual, and gradually finding things which made me happy was more difficult. And it was then: it started the challenge. It became a bet with myself. If I couldn’t find anything which made me really say
“that’s what I want to remember,
that’s definitely what made my day,
that’s the reason why I will smoke my wish-cigarette today”,
I tried to create the opportunities for good things to happen. 

At first, I wasn’t realizing it. But then I found myself more confident, less worried about labels and judgment, more willing not to just let the time pass by, not to just let the life pass by.
I keep thinking that every second should be tasted for itself.
The situations and the emotions should not be taken for granted.
I see people who need a smile, I smile.
You have no idea of how many people need just a spontaneous smile in the streets to make their day.
Small things. Which make us smile.

And that’s everything I had to say.

I wish you all happy days! 😉

Sunset at Helsingborg – March 2014


D-avvero, Repubblica?

Ieri pomeriggio avevo appena smesso di litigare con un mio vecchio amico su un argomento su cui discutiamo sempre. Donne VS uomini, come se fosse una ridicola battaglia. Ho già detto di essere tendente al femminismo, e a volte esagero, certo, ma dopo più di un anno in cui mi sono sentita dire che sono forte soltanto di facciata, che in realtà non sono emancipata, che me la prendo con gli uomini perchè sono frustata dalla mia vita, che sto solo cercando attenzioni per poi essere finalmente salvata dal mio principe azzurro, bè, sinceramente, ieri sono sbroccata e ho mandato a quel paese il suddetto amico. Tempo un paio d’ore e compare su Facebook un post di un altro amico che abbiamo in comune, in cui il primo viene taggato. Il post riportava il link ad un articolo: “10 frasi killer da non dire quando litighi con lui“. Lì per lì l’avevo bellamente ignorato, convinta che si trattasse di uno dei soliti articoli scopiazzati che si trovano su siti di poco conto messi in piedi solo per vendere pubblicità. Potete quindi sicuramente immaginare la mia sorpresa quando stamattina Un altro genere di comunicazione ha sottolineato il fatto che il decalogo delle frasi da non dire a un uomo fosse apparso, nella sezione D – dedicata alla donne. Seriously, Repubblica? More

Hopes and thoughts about my future

When I had my first internship, I ended up working for a sport association, even though I stopped do exercises as long as I discovered that step classes and dancing all night long on high hills do not combine very well together.

My first job in PR was about promoting a classic car event even though all that I know about them was that they had extremely shining paints and were extremely expensive – and that if I could find a guy that had one, I should marry him! I ended up my 4 months of short employment hating classic cars, their histories and their technical details and promising myself that I would find an area of real interest for me for my next employment. More

Procras… what? No, I don’t do it! Welcome ;)

They call it “procrastination”.

I didn’t know I had it before I knew how they name it. “Doctor, is it serious?”

This is a perfect example of how language influence our realities. I suddenly became sick while two seconds before everything was okay. What the…! The good news is that now, when I don’t do things I should do, I can just say “It’s procrastination!” – and let’s go party! 😉

So, I guess that’s why I’m setting here at my computer, at 9pm of a Friday night, bored as hell, trying to force myself to finally inaugurate my new blog. After weeks of procrastination. Yep, a space where I can throw all my crazy thoughts about the reality around me – that’s interesting!


Here I will post about public relations, social media and communication matters in general, travels and impressions, tips to survive to whatever strange could happen to me and probably even something about paganism. At least, I hope so. Let’s see if this statement of purpose and deal with you, my audience, will be enough to get me back in line. I will put all my efforts to honor this promise, I swear.

Hope you will enjoy my writings and will forgive me my probable grammar mistakes. I’m still learning 🙂 Oh, and feel free to comment or write to me whatever you want. I’m looking for confrontations 😉

Blessed be folks!

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