Day 30 – #100happydays

Day 30 of #100happydays, and I feel like to make a STATEMENT.

When I began this challenge I was happy. I was already in a period of positive energies, and I didn’t think so much about joining this project. I just did it. I was just thinking it would be fun. At the beginning was a new wonderful discovery everyday. But as days go by, some of that positive energy was going down, as usual, and gradually finding things which made me happy was more difficult. And it was then: it started the challenge. It became a bet with myself. If I couldn’t find anything which made me really say
“that’s what I want to remember,
that’s definitely what made my day,
that’s the reason why I will smoke my wish-cigarette today”,
I tried to create the opportunities for good things to happen. 

At first, I wasn’t realizing it. But then I found myself more confident, less worried about labels and judgment, more willing not to just let the time pass by, not to just let the life pass by.
I keep thinking that every second should be tasted for itself.
The situations and the emotions should not be taken for granted.
I see people who need a smile, I smile.
You have no idea of how many people need just a spontaneous smile in the streets to make their day.
Small things. Which make us smile.

And that’s everything I had to say.

I wish you all happy days! 😉

Sunset at Helsingborg – March 2014


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